Some firms use a fly-in, fly-out PowerPoint approach to advisory services. We feel this does not serve the middle market appropriately. SC Ventures is committed to a hands-on approach that delivers results throughout our involvement with our clientele, from analyzing the business to driving results, to how we structure compensation.


  • What Makes Us Different – Our professionals have both sterling, top-tier strategy experience and hands-on operating experience. We blend these in our approach and apply it to the small- to mid-market sector. Keeping an eye both on strategy and on cash flow and operations can deliver more meaningful results.


  • What this Means for Our Clients – Our clients can focus on financial oversight, confident in a partner that can translate the operational intricacies up to the strategic level. This true operating collaboration drives optimal value creation for our clients.


  • What we do – We work with our clients to take a critical look at their portfolio business, and get in on the ground with underperforming companies to find missed opportunities and develop a path to growth. We find the intricacies of what drives performance, and actually implement solutions with the portfolio company’s executive team. As needed, we may serve as interim executives (Interim CEO, CFO, COO, and/or CMO) during times of transition for our clients' companies. Additionally, we are able to leverage our industry relationships to source and refer potentially symbiotic deals to our partners.